Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why I Love TJs

Why do I love TJs? Because they know that - despite the very weird picture on the box - Dr. Praegers California Style Veggie burgers are far and away the best vegburg substance on the market. Sure, TJs will make their own - and I'll try them one day - but trust me when I say that these unassuming patties will get you through some tough empty fridge nights feeling pretty good about yourself.

Yes, you can broil them up and slap them in a bun. You could certainly pile up some TJs lite shredded cheese combo on top - maybe slipping some avocado underneath the gooey cheese goodness. But you can also make a very nice, and more grownup, meal out of them by skipping the bun altogether and laying them alongside some brown rice and maybe a green salad.

I'm telling you, these are good. Just don't stare too long into Dr. Prager's eyes - I did that and ended up eating nothing but the vegburg for a week.

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  1. Strangely, here in L.A., the genesis and heartbeart of everything Dr. Praeger (it says California on the box, for god's sake), there are no Dr. Praeger's california veggie burgers to be found at TJ's. It's a Morningstar monopoly.