Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ahoy, Captain TJ!

Long have I lamented the lack of fresh seafood at TJs. Although I can't claim to have thoroughly sampled the frozen offerings, my one or two forays into that section of the freezer case did not end particularly well.

But, alas, the heart wants what the heart wants, and today the heart (meaning my wife) wanted fish tacos. Without sufficient time to properly defrost any of the petrified frozen fish offerings, I turned to my only other option: fresh (I hoped) marinated fish in the meat case. To my surprise,the chili garlic tilapia fit the taco bill perfectly! I'm normally not a huge tilapia fan, but in this case the sturdy texture and mild flavor were just right. I broiled the daylights out of the fillets (almost blackened, really) and they were perfect with shredded cabbage and a sour cream, cumin, hot sauce, lime condiment that I whipped up for the occasion. I had to look elsewhere for the corn tortillas (listening, TJ's?) - which are a must for the taco experience, but why pick nits? The evening was a success!


  1. I'm about to head out to TJ and was curious about new things to buy. These tips have been great! Please keep it up.


  2. More coming! Thanks for caring :-)

  3. tjs carries corn tortillas

  4. Yes! They do now - I think they saw my post.