Sunday, August 16, 2009

Your Go-To Protein Substance

Don't be shocked. I know this doesn't look good. The picture stinks and the very idea of pre-cooked chicken is an offense against gastronomy. I hear you, but let's face it, we all need that "just add protein" ingredient to convince us to actually cook something instead of ordering the egg roll (and sesame noodles, and dumplings). This chicken is simply grilled, nicely seasoned, moist and super convenient. On a salad, in a sandwich or wrap, in a quesadilla, this chicken could be the only thing standing between you and a midnight cookie binge. Trust me, it's good.

And if you get "chicken'ed out" as we often do, you can call the pork in from the bullpen (pigpen?).


  1. Cook two packages of whole wheat penne, add in two jars of tapenade, a thawed package of the frozen sliced peppers, and this chicken, and you've got a great chicken salad that you can serve either hot or cold. The lemon pepper cooked chicken is just as awesome.

  2. Fantastic. That's on the menu this week.